Module 4 ~ Lesson 10

Lesson 10: 90-Day Onboarding & Training Plan

Access and download (as a .zip file on to your computer) all of the content for the Team Associate Onboarding & Training Manual:

Dropbox Link (Please download the entire folder as a .zip file):

Not a Dropbox user? No problem – just download the .zip file:
RETB Team Associate Training Manual

There are 8 folders of content designed to onboard the team associate over a 90-day period.  Customize, revise and add content that is unique to your team and procedures as needed and desired.

You can deliver the training manual in a hard copy format (an actual printed manual) or in an online format with a shared Dropbox or Google drive folder system.

Team Associate 90 Days to Success – Table of Contents

01_Administrative & Accountability

Team Associate Information

  1. Office Policies and Guidelines
  2. Team Associate Task List
  3. Important Team Information
  4. Daily Work Plan
  5. Team Associate Weekly Activities Report
  6. Agent Perfect Week
  7. Blank Time Blocking template
  8. Business Plan Tracking Form
  9. Attitude is Everything!
  10. Five Daily Habits
  11. Task Checklist (Black)
  12. Training Log

02_Business Plan

  1.  WBNL Coaching Goal Setting Package
  2. Real Estate Closing Goals (3-tab worksheet)
  3. Real Estate Closing Goals (basic)
  4. Business Budget
  5. Personal Budget
  6. Success Action Plan
  7. Income & Expense Statement

03_Database / Referrals

  1. Database TA Task List
  2. 145 Questions to Build your Database
  3. Database Contact List Template
  4. Important Client Information
  5. Introduction Letter
  6. WBNL Coaching Database Letters
  7. Top Producer Training


  1. The Sales Process
  2. Buyer Worksheet
  3. Open House Guide
  4. Open House Scripts
  5. Open House Follow up Plan
  6. Add sample purchase agreement
  7. Add Cost sheet samples

05_Escrow Process

  1. TA Transaction Flow – Contract to Close
  2. Earnest Money Chart
  3. Sales Checklist
  4. Listing Sold Checklist
  5. Escrow Open Form
  6. File Requirements
  7. Contract to Closing chart


  1. New Listing Worksheet
  2. Listing Presentation Guide
  3. Pre-Listing Package Guide
  4. Seller Qualifying Questions
  5. Top Producer Listing Action Plan
  6. Listing Checklist
  7. Add sample listing packet
  8. Add net sheet samples


  1. Farming TA System
  2. Farm Template

08_Prospecting / Scripts

  1. Understanding People
  2. Lead Form
  3. Ad/Sign Call Script
  4. Prospecting Scripts
  5. Prospecting Log Daily
  6. Weekly Prospecting Commitment

09_Online Presence & Social Media

  1. 1.   Profiles/Bio on Team & Company sites
  2. 2.   Setting Up Real Estate Profiles (Zillow,, Homes)
  3. 3.   Team Social Media Policies & Procedures
  4. 4.   Branded Team Covers for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Team Blog Procedures (if applicable)

If you have not already done so, go to the Module 4 Overview page and download the Workbook, Slide Decks, and all related Documents for this module.

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