Module 1 ~ Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Real Estate Team Building

How Do You Answer This Question?  What do you do for a living? 

Mindset Shift to…. I Own a Real Estate Business!

When you truly internalize this principle, you will experience a shift in the way you operate. It is more than a mindset shift. You will become that business owner who thinks and operates from a different level. Most real estate agents operate in a sales only mode where the business is generally running them.

Make the shift NOW.

Make this one of your daily affirmations:
I Own A (Successful, Profitable) Real Estate Business

Why Build a Real Estate Team?

Potential Benefits:

  • More revenue and profitability
  • More time – ability to delegate tasks and specialize
  • Convert more buyer leads into closed transactions
  • Higher rankings, market share
  • Enhance Credibility
  • Build a more valuable asset and eventual exit strategy
  • Expansion of satellite offices in other markets

Possible Pitfalls:

  • Frustrations if you build a team before you are ready
  • Are you a manager? Trainer? Mentor?
  • People drama
  • Turnover
  • Finding the right fit

Are You Ready for a Team?

  • You have your core real estate systems in place
  • Your brand & value proposition is clear
    • For clients
    • For agents (WIIFM)
  • Adequate resources
  • Structure & organization

Real Estate Team Builder Principle #1

Begin with the End in Mind: Build a Saleable Asset & Create Your Exit Strategy

What is your ultimate outcome – the end game for your real estate business? What is your exit strategy?

Real Estate Team Builder Principle #2

Run it like a Business

Are you running a real estate business, or is IT running you?

Running it like a business means you have made that mindset and operational shift to working and thinking as a small business owner. It means you have effective and efficient business and real estate systems in place to support your company.

Real Estate Team Builder Principle #3

Brokerage within Brokerage Model

Enjoy the many benefits that come with building your team within a company that supports team building:

  • Focus on your own and the team’s production
  • Let the brokerage handle all the other details, risk, liabilities, and requirements for running a brokerage
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Commission handling procedures
    • Facilities management and overhead
    • Dealing with complaints, disputes, litigation

If you are a small broker and want to stay that way:

  • The RETB systems will support you in building your team and/or brokerage
  • Lead by Example – attract, coach and support other agents who want to build a team

Real Estate Team Builder Principle #4

Concept of Working “ON” your business while working “IN” your business

Key points and takeaways:

  • Think Franchise – Duplicatable Systems
  • Expansion / satellite teams in other markets
  • Building a business takes three skill sets:
    • The entrepreneur – vision
    • The manager – order & systems
    • The technician – the output
  • Three phases for businesses are generally:
    • Infancy
    • Expansion
    • Maturity

Module 1 - Lesson 1

Introduction to Real Estate Team Building 

Module 1 - Lesson 2

Primary Focus Areas for Team Building

Module 1 - Lesson 3

The Four Archetypes and How They Fit

Module 1 - Lesson 4

Six Components of a Successful Business

Module 1 - Lesson 5

Two Critical Keys to Team Building

Module 1 - Lesson 6

Agent Team Models

Module 1 - Lesson 7

Know Your Company and State Requirements

Module 1 - Lesson 8

Let’s Get to Work!

If you have not already done so, go to the Module 1 Overview page and download the Workbook, Slide Decks, and all related Documents for this module.

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