Finding alignment and connection can be a challenge.  When you find it, you know.  We know that WBNL Coaching and NextHome are the perfect fit.  Now is the time to introduce an integrated training and coaching platform into the powerful tools, systems, and services of your brand.  Here’s how we can make that happen…

Development and Introduction of NextHome University

NextHome U will be a unique, fresh, relevant, and engaging training platform.   Coursework strategies and topics will be created by collaboration and completed to roll out at Convention in March 2018.  During our initial conversations we discussed a variety of options, here is a sampling of what phase 1 could look like.

Agent Certification Courses (4)

Designed to ensure participation and provide marketing opportunities for agents, managers, and brokers.

Sales Mastery
Upon completion of this certification program, students will have the knowledge, tools and skills to master how to successfully work with home buyers.
  • How to generate buyer leads online
  • Traditional, niche and target marketing
  • Lead action plans and conversion techniques
  • Understanding all demographics
  • The buyer sales cycle, understanding personality styles
  • Qualifying the buyer and conducting the buyer’s consultation
  • Agency relationship and  the buyer brokerage agreement
  • The art of showing homes
  • Best practices for writing the purchase offer
  • Negotiation tactics as a buyers agent
  • Managing the transaction from sale to close of escrow.
  • Implement a complete Buyer System for your business
Real Estate Social Media & Technology
Module 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Unit 1: Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Unit 2: Online Reputation Management (You Are Being Googled!)
  • Unit 3: Develop Your Hashtag Strategy for Business
  • Unit 4: Understanding the Analytics
Module 2: Facebook for Business
  • Unit 1: Creating & Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page
  • Unit 2: How to Boost a Post
  • Unit 3: Create a Seller Ad Campaign
  • Unit 4: Target Buyers Using the Power Editor
  • Unit 5: Facebook Live
  • Unit 6: Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips
Module 3: Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Unit 1: How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
  • Unit 2: LinkedIn Changes & The New Profile
  • Unit 3: Build Your Network with Strategic Connecting
  • Unit 4: LinkedIn Suite of Mobile Apps
  • Unit 5: LinkedIn Publisher Tutorial
  • Unit 6: Slideshare for Social Sharing
  • Unit 7: LinkedIn Premium (Sales Navigator)
Module 4: Other Social Media Sites
  • Unit1: Instagram For Real Estate
  • Unit 2: Instagram Live
  • Unit 3: Twitter for Real Estate
  • Unit 4: Advertising on Twitter
  • Unit 5: Snapchat for Business
  • Unit 6: Pinterest for Real Estate
Module 5: Content Marketing
  • Unit 1: Why Content Marketing is Critical
  • Unit 2: How to Create Custom Images for Social Media and Your Marketing
  • Unit 3: Repurposing Your Content to Drive More Traffic
  • Unit 4: Content Marketing Calendar & Planning
  • Unit 5: Content Types and Ideas
  • Unit 6: How to Use Buffer & HootSuite to Schedule Your Posts
  • Unit 7: Other Automation Tools (IFTTT, Zapier)
Module 6: Video Marketing
  • Unit 1: Video Creation Tips and Tricks
  • Unit 2: Content Ideas for Video
  • Unit 3: Tools to Edit Your Videos
  • Unit 4: Create a YouTube Channel
  • Unit 5: Live Streaming with Periscope
  • Unit 6: YouTube Live
  • Unit 7: Repurpose Your Videos to Create Content
Module 7: Tech & Productivity Tools
  • Unit 1: Time-Blocking and Getting Things Done
  • Unit 2: Google Apps for Business
  • Unit 3: Dropbox for Real Estate
  • Unit 3: Using Evernote for Business
  • Unit 4: How to Use Slack & Trello for Productivity
  • Unit 5: How to Be a Mobile/Paperless Agent
Listing Mastery
Upon completion of this certification program, students will have the knowledge, tools, and skills to master how to successfully work with home sellers.
  • Prospecting  for listings
  • Niche seller markets and demographics
  • Seller lead action plans and conversion techniques
  • Creating a a pre-listing seller package
  • Preparing for the conducting the listing appointment and presentation
  • Servicing and marketing the listing
  • Negotiating the sale, handling counter offers and multiple offers
  • Create an effective system to manage the listing from contract to close.
  • Implement a complete Seller System
Real Estate Team Builder
Module 1 – The Big Picture Laying the foundation, key concepts and core components for team building
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Real Estate Team Building
  • Lesson 2: Primary Focus Areas for Team Building
  • Lesson 3: The Four Archetypes and How They Fit
  • Lesson 4: Six Components of a Successful Business
  • Lesson 5: Two Critical Keys to Team Building
  • Lesson 6: Agent Team Models
  • Lesson 7: Know Your Company Policies & State Requirements
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 2 – Team Operations and Admin Team models, commission plans, operations manual, hiring process, reporting and tracking systems
  • Lesson 1: Choosing Your Team Model and Organization Chart
  • Lesson 2: Team Member Compensation Plans
  • Lesson 3: Customize the WBNL Team Operations Manual
  • Lesson 4: Team Member Job Descriptions and Agreements
  • Lesson 5: Hiring & Onboarding System
  • Lesson 6: Team Reporting and Tracking
  • Lesson 7: Team Software Solutions
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 3 – Implement Effective Real Estate Team Systems Business plan, branding, listings, sales, marketing, transaction management, lead generation, and your financials
  • Lesson 1: Team Real Estate Business Plan & Goals
  • Lesson 2: Your Vision, Purpose, and Brand 
  • Lesson 3: Attracting Perfect Clients & UVP
  • Lesson 4: Marketing and Advertising 
  • Lesson 5: Your Database & Referral System
  • Lesson 6: Listing and Farming System
  • Lesson 7: Buyer, Escrow and Transaction Management System
  • Lesson 8: Lead Generation and Follow-up Systems
  • Lesson 9: The Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 10: Leveraging Technology and Productivity Apps
  • Lesson 11: Mobile & Paperless Operations
  • Lesson 12: Business and Financial Systems
  • Lesson 13: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 4 – Recruit, Hire, Train and Retain the Right Team Members Recruiting strategies, interview techniques, onboarding agents, best retention tactics and practices
  • Lesson 1: The 7- Step Attraction Model
  • Lesson 2: Create Your Affiliation (Recruiting) Proposal
  • Lesson 3: Leverage a Career Page & Social Media
  • Lesson 4: Five Steps to an Effective Interview
  • Lesson 5: 90 Day Plan to Onboard New Team Associate
  • Lesson 6: Retaining Quality, Productive Professionals
  • Lesson 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 5 – Coach, Manage and Lead a Successful Team How to coach agents, team lead management,  team meetings and communication, leveraging tech and productivity tools
  • Lesson 1: Coaching Agents To Success 
  • Lesson 2: Leadership & Culture
  • Lesson 3: Team Leads, Production and Escrow Tracking
  • Lesson 4: How to Run an Effective Team Meeting
  • Lesson 5: Productivity, Accountability & Project Management Tools
  • Lesson 6: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 6 – Build an Asset & Create Your Exit Strategy Exit strategy guide and checklist, understanding your business metrics, determining the value of your team)
  • Lesson 1: Exit Strategy Guide and Checklist
  • Lesson 2: Team Business Plan and Key Business Metrics
  • Lesson 3: Determining the Value of Your Business
  • Lesson 4: Review of Exit Strategy and Buyout Options
  • Lesson 5: Let’s Get to Work!
But Wait!  There’s more…
  • Complete Package of Workbooks, Documents, Admin Forms for each Module
  • Real Estate Team Builder Operations & Procedures Manual
  • 90 Day Onboarding & Agent Training Manual Template (Dropbox folders)

Agent Boot Camp

This course would leverage the content from WBNL Coaching’s Connecting Your Real Estate Business coupled with a 12-week live group training and coaching program designed to be implemented at the office level by a trainer, facilitator, broker or manager. NextHome University would house the supporting video training content, workbooks, and documents for agents and facilitators of the program.  The course is interactive and activity-based with weekly action plans for accountability and success.

For Brokers, Managers, and Trainers

The key to success of any training program is creating a method in which you have skilled instructors that not only understand the material and the processes but are in alignment with the philosophy and culture that backs the training and company as a whole.  We believe that instructors should bring their own flavor and personality to the training but never at the cost of losing that critical consistent message that keeps the brand alive. Therefore, training Brokers, Managers, and Trainers is a vital first step in the process, and we’ve got that covered.  
A 12 Week Program
  1. Set Goals, Create Your Business Plan and Essential Real Estate Tools
  2. The Real Estate Sales Cycle and Understanding Personality Styles
  3. Overview of Lead Generation and Keys to Converting Leads
  4. Build Your Database and Get More Referrals
  5. Your CRM and Key Action Plans / Managing Your Transactions
  6. Organization, Time Management, and Productivity Strategies
  7. Your Home Buyer System
  8. Working with Sellers & The Listing Process
  9. Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  10. Facebook for Business
  11. Leveraging LinkedIn for Building Your Connections
  12. Online Reputation Management & Getting More Reviews
Certification and Coursework
Facilitator/Trainer Certification programs
  • Real Estate Team Builder
  • 12 Week Agent Boot Camp
Running a Successful Brokerage
  • Starting Your Brokerage
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Brokerage Operations
  • Hiring Staff/HR component
  • Recruiting Agents & Teams
  • Retention Strategies
  • Leveraging Social Media for your company
  • Best Practices for Brokers

Sample Videos & Materials

Licensing Agreement Commitments

Once launched our partnership takes a new direction from creation to coaching, recruiting, and retention.  We will provide ongoing tips, workshops, webinars, and updates during our agreement – all branded to NextHome.  Below you can explore the possibilities.

Weekly Coach Tips
Weekly Coach Tips Via email and blog posts, these tips provide timely information that agents can use to enhance their daily activities.  Here is a list of what we’ve delivered to our clients.  Many of these can be repurposed along with new topical items.
  • Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Develop a Hashtag Strategy for Your Social Media Plan
  • Branded cover images for social media
  • The Social Media 30-30-5
  • Review of the Miracle Morning and Embracing Your Morning Ritual
  • Reasons to Listen to Podcasts
  • How to Leverage Your Real Estate Software as a Virtual Assistant
  • Facebook Introduces New Job Posting Feature
  • Facebook & Google Reviews
  • Do You Have These Three Traits for Business Success?
  • Google My Business
  • Are Your Doing These Lead Follow-up Basics?
  • Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life and Business
  • LinkedIn Publisher
  • Have You Claimed Your Profile and .Realtor Website?
  • Must Have Apps for Real Estate
  • Living from Be-Do-Have
  • Your CRM is the #1 Must Have Real Estate Tool
  • Three Essential Tools for Lead Gen
  • The 6 C’s of Lead Conversion Revisited
  • Productivity Tips for Today’s Chaotic World
  • Master These Skills for Real Estate Success
  • Home Staging Tips and Resources
  • Positive Impact of a Personal Call
  • Top 10 Books for Business & Personal Development
  • Our List of Top Social Media Marketing Resources
  • How to Actively Build Your Database & Referrals
  • Productivity Tip: Focus on Doing One Thing at a Time
  • How to Find Your Blog Voice
  • Know Your Market and Inventory
  • You Are Being Googled! – Must Have Sites
  • 7 Sites to Focus on for Client Reviews
  • Converting Open House Visitors
  • Tips on Writing a Great Agent Bio
  • Setting Your Intentions & Focus
  • Send Settlement Statement Copy and  Letter
  • Define Your Business Purpose &  Brand
  • Six Guideposts for Life & Business  Success
  • 10 Tips to  Create an  All-Star LinkedIn Profile
  • More Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials begins with Power Profiles
  • Power of Hand-Written Personal Notes
  • Envisioning Your Perfect Client
  • Client Survey to Determine Preferences, Communication, Social
  • Reduce Your Risk & Liability with these 12 Best Practices
  • Discover Power of Mastermind Groups
  • Three Prerequisites for Change
  • Time-Blocking for Your Perfect Week
  • Getting Things Done: A Guide to Stress-Free Productivity
  • 9 Strategies to Thrive in Real Estate
  • The ABC of Real Estate Success-Always be Connecting!
  • Effective and Revenue-Producing Open House
  • 50 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas
  • 30 Ways to Use Evernote to Increase Your Productivity
  • Affirmations for a Successful Real Estate Business
  • 4 Questions for maximum productivity focus on results
  • Social Media Marketing Plan – Goals
  • The Social Media Marketing Plan 5
  • How to Practice Gratitude
  • Meditation for Busy People
  • Five Agreements to Transform Your Life
  • Mid-Year Review of Your Goals, Business and Action Plan
  • E-Myth Principles- Run Your business as a Business
  • Six C’s of Lead Generation
  • Maintain a Mindset as a  Database Builder
  • Open House – Neighborhood Preview
  • Two Keys to Real Estate Team Building
  • Productivity Tools & Apps Resource List
  • Trending Tips on Team Building Series
  • RETB Tip #1, Two Critical Keys to Building a Profitable Team and RETB Tip #2, Four Real Estate Archetypes
  • RETB Tip #3Agent Team Models – Which One is Right for You?
  • RETB Tip #4Your Team Operations Manual is the Cornerstone
  • RETB Tip #5Three Phases of Hiring and Retaining Talent
  • RETB Tip #6Create Your Real Estate Team Business Plan & Goals
  • RETB Tip #7Know Your Agent Attraction Value Proposition
  • RETB Tip #8Develop Your Affiliation Proposal
  • RETB Tip #95 Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents
  • RETB Tip #10Implement a 90 Day Training Plan for Team Agents
  • RETB Tip #11 Your Culture is the Best Attraction Magnet
  • RETB Tip #12 Build an Asset to Create Your Exit Strategy
  • 3 Ways to Cultivate & Practice Gratitude
  • Six Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Increase Your Listing Inventory with Consistent Farming
  • Client Appreciation Program Ideas
  • Reflection & Celebration of Your 2016
  • Set Intentions for 2017
  • Your 2017 Roadmap
Broker Webinars
We will conduct monthly group Broker Webinars.  These provide an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions and allow an open forum for Brokers to share ideas and overcome objections.
Monthly Workshops
The monthly workshops take timely topics and expand them into a true how-to training.  After watching these videos the agents have a blueprint on how to execute and they can return for refreshers as they choose.  These can be uploaded to your intranet site for easy navigation.  Here is a list of what we’ve delivered to our clients.  Many of these can be repurposed along with new topical items.  
  • The Four Key Past Client Connections
  • Claim Your YELP Business Page
  • Client Review Requests (Updated)
  • Seller Lead Action Plans for Your CRM
  • 16 Tips to Better Blogging” is locked
  • How to Create Buyer Action Plans in Top Producer
  • How to Use Twitter for Real Estate
  • How to Convert More Buyer Leads
  • Instagram for Real Estate
  • Facebook Buyer Ads Using the Power Editor
  • Facebook Seller Ads – What’s My Home Worth Campaign
  • Build Your Network with Strategic Connecting on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Changes & The New Profile
  • 7 Steps to Build Your Referral System
  • Real Estate Websites: Why You Need One and How to Generate Leads
  • Create Marketing & Social Media Graphics that Standout and Convert
  • Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Get More Testimonials, Ratings and Recommendations
  • Top Producer 8i Part 1
  • Top Producer 8i Part 2
  • LinkedIn: Suite of Mobile Apps
  • Introduction to Real Estate Team Building
  • Evernote for Your Real Estate Business
  • Dropbox for Your Real Estate Business
  • Time-Blocking and Getting Things Done
  • How to Use Slack & Trello for Productivity
  • How to Double Your Income: Hire and Leverage your Perfect Assistant
  • for Social Media Management
  • Google Tools for Business
  • Fun & Profitable Open Houses
  • Online Reputation Management (You Are Being Googled!)
  • Discover SlideShare for LinkedIn, Social Sharing & Leads
  • Your Real Estate Business Plan for 2017
  • The Pre-Listing Presentation & Package
  • Choosing a Real Estate Website and How to Generate Leads With One
  • Real Estate Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Practices and Tools for Well-Being
  • Google Drive for Your Business
  • Reflection, Celebration (2016) and Intentions for 2017
Broker Coaching
The most critical time for a new Broker is after they return home from their Orientation Training.  We will provide an additional 2-hour follow-up to backup Imran with the new franchisees’ transition into the NextHome brand help them acclimate the move.

NextHome Recruiting & Training Live Events

 A NextHome and WBNL Coaching collaboration – hosting 1 or 2-day interactive training events 4-6 times per year.

Broker Boot Camp
Day 1 – 10 Keys to Brokerage Compliance and Risk Management
  1. Company Policies & Procedures Manual
  2. Independent Contractor Agreement & Commission Plans
  3. Employee Manual
  4. E & O insurance
  5. Training Program
  6. Office Meetings
  7. Communication with Your Agents
  8. Transaction Management System
  9. Brokerage Back Office System
  10. Succession Plan
Day 2 – Attracting Agents & Teams to Join Your Brokerage
  • Focus on best recruiting & retention strategies
  • Power for Coaching agents for recruiting and retention
  • Leveraging the NextHome Real Estate Team Builder program to attract teams
  • Interactive / broker round tables
  • Sharing best practices
Real Estate Team Builder Certification
Half or full day workshops on How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Team: 1.    Understanding the Four Archetypes and How They Fit 2.    The Two Critical Components of Team Building 3.    How to Hire the Right Assistant for You 4.    Keys to Implementing Effective Real Estate Systems 5.    Attracting and Retaining Productive Buyers Agents 6.    Build an Asset and Your Exit Strategy
Agent Certification Courses
Live Certification Classes for Next Home and Outside Agents, held regionally around the country:
  • Sales Mastery
  • Listing Mastery
  • Real Estate Team Builder
  • Agent Boot Camp
  • Negotiation
  • Short Sales
  • REO
  • Luxury
  • International
  • Military
  • Seniors
  • Resort/Second Home

 Additional Certification Courses

 At the NextHome U launch and March’s Conference, we will also roll-out the certification courses that will be coming within the next 12 months.  These can include but are not limited to the following (we estimate a 60-day turnaround on these courses due to the research needed to create increased value over what the agents can get through NAR):

Course Options
  • Negotiation
  • Short Sales
  • REO
  • Luxury
  • International
  • Military
  • Seniors
  • Resort/Second Home
  • Empty Nesters

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