At WBNL Coaching. we launched our Real Estate Team Builder Program in May 2016. We have trained 100’s of agents, team leaders and brokers and just this month, we released version 2.0 of our program.

Real Estate Team Builder is a turn-key system, unlike anything that you’ll find in the industry today. We know because we’ve worked in Real Estate for almost 25 years and we’ve seen what’s out there: many products that tell you WHY you need to build a team but none that actually show you HOW to do it.  With the end in mind, Real Estate Team Builder was born.

Our 6 module online program is broken down into 57 easy-to-follow lessons, which include over 110 documents – many of which are customizable for practical use in your company.

From deciding what type of team you should build to staffing, monitoring, training, coaching, building, and eventually selling your company. Real Estate Team Builder has it all in one package.

What’s new in version 2:

  • All brand new coaching & training videos updated with the latest and best content from our experiences with clients
  • Version 1 – we recorded it live via webinar software and I was not on camera
  • Expanded Team Operations Manual and tutorials
  • Updated and expanded content in the six Module Workbooks

Our typical client is usually someone who has started building a team, or maybe has an assistant and hired a buyers agent to help with lead overflow and has realized they are not really ready for the team.  We also have clients who are just getting started with team building. In the WBNL Podcast, Episode 18, we address the most common questions we receive.


Q1 – What do I need to do to be ready for a team?

  • Get your own house in order first – this means everything is out of your head and into a system, checklist ….. Team Operations & Procedures Manual (Listen to Episode 6 on the WBNL Podcast)
  • Have an admin assistant / TM if planning a bigger team
  • Clear Value Proposition – who is your perfect agent?
  • Systems in place for how you run your RE business so team agents   can plug in
    • Listing A to Z
    • Buyers from prospect to close
    • Transaction management
    • Database/Past Client Follow-up
    • Lead Gen & Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Team admin & accountability
    • Your hiring & onboarding system
    • Training, coaching, mentoring

In Episode 12, we discuss the 2 critical keys to team building Hire talent and Systems in place

Q2 – Should I refer my leads until I get organized or hire a buyers agent now?

Referring your leads, in the short term, until you are prepared for buyers agents on your team is one possible solution.

Alternatively, hiring an agent to be on your team and accept leads while you are getting your organization, systems and structure in place may be a better solution in the long run.

Q 3 – How do I structure my team and compensate team members

Decisions to be made about specialization.
– Are you going to have buyers agent only?  If so, are listing always referred to you?
– Will you have agents who work with Buyers and Sellers?
– Do you have or are you planning on hiring an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) to work on the leads and convert ?
– Are you going to give out leads?  Generally speaking these are on a 50/50 split.
– Consider a higher split for transactions that are personally-generated by your team members.

Team Building is a process of Working ON your business (implementing the necessary systems and procedures) while you are working IN the day-to-day of your business

Scheduling time to work ON your business systems every week.


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