Critical Key #1 – Hire Talented People to Key Positions

  • Admin assistant / transaction coordinator
  • Team Manager


Critical Key #2: Implement Effective Real Estate & Business Systems

The central idea is to implement clear and concise procedures and systems for each of the primary areas listed below. Then, you make slight variations to adapt the system for your team members. The goal is to allow your agents to plug into your existing systems effortlessly.The other major benefit of having effective real estate systems in place is the ability to run smoothly and pivot your focus under any market conditions or trends.

  • Real Estate Business Plan and Goal-Writing
  • Your Brand and Value Proposition
  • Identifying Your Perfect Client
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Your Database/Past Client/Referral System
  • Listing & Farming System
  • Buyer/Escrow System
  • Lead Generation and Follow-up System
  • Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Business Financial Basics for the Real Estate Agent

Don’t hire team associates until you are ready! 

And ready means…

(1) You have an administrative assistant or transaction coordinator and ideally also a Team Manager and

(2) You have established real estate business systems in place


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